What Is Love

A collaboration with Richie Israel

Today, dating is like shopping. We are choosy. We scan profile pictures on the internet looking for the just the right face, just the right hobbies and adjectives. We look for potential partners by code-word. We cycle through our social circles, a broad field of acquaintances we barely know, eliminating possible romances based on tiny flaws. Why take a risk? Why invest in someone less than perfect?

We believe this approach is wrong.

We believe “relationship shopping” doesn’t work, because we don’t know what we want. Real relationships take time. Real relationships grow organically, a series of small risks taken together between friends until eventually it becomes something more. This process takes years, sometimes even decades. Most of us don’t have that kind of time. Most of us have moved around, ending up in a completely new city where you might not know anybody.

But you don’t have to wait years to find love. There is an alternative.

For generations, my family has developed special conversational techniques that short-circuit doubts and small talk to get right to the heart of things. We know these techniques work because we used them ourselves, passing secrets from father to son, each generation as happily in love as the last one.

I have taken it upon myself to give these techniques to the world. Nobody should go without love. Modern dating is full of false starts and disappointment. Don’t waste your time. Get right to the heart of the matter with life-proven LoveLines.

    How to use:

  1. First, pick the circumstances for your declaration. Select the appropriate passage using the buttons below.
  2. Then, memorize the passage. You need to know it by heart, like a prayer, so that you can say it confidently to your future lover.
  3. Last, meet your future lover, casually start a conversation about feelings, and recite the passage with conviction. Be sure to look into their eyes!
  4. “What Is Love?” LoveLine Generator

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    Other Hot


    LOVE IS:


    Because I grew up in Wyoming I never really knew what to say to girls. I was going bald too. Then I discovered Lovesplanations. In one conversation, a neighborly grocery-store coincidence became something more. We’ve been together for six months, and my hair is back almost completely!

    I never know when to make the first move. I don’t want to be a creep! Thankfully Lovesplanations took out the guesswork. Now I fall even more in love every day.
    -United States

    I am ugly and unlucky in love. The women I meet always want to be just friends. It happened over and over. My heart ached for more. Just one chance is all I wanted. I tried everything, clothes, books, classes, with no luck at all. Then I found Lovesplanations. Those few sentences were all it took for my friend to see me as something more, a man who is exciting and romantic–the real me! I am so grateful to you and to her for seeing past my ugly looks. I can’t change my face or my body. But I can change what I say. Thank you for helping me.

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