The Joke by Milan Kundera

A leather strap, previously used by a Czech university student to carry his political texts until he succumbed to the dulling allure of rock and roll and gave up on pursuing education or a principled life, is used to bind together the complete works of Heidegger. Atop the bundle sits an uncollapsible hat, just large enough to be inconvenient to pack.

All of this is suspended in the air by balloons full of helium. On the balloons is printed the complete works of Milan Kundera.

Underneath the suspended bundle lies a womanizer and an idealist. They gaze, touch, and flirt like illicit lovers, but in their hurry to disrobe they forgot to remove their shoes so their pants are stuck around their ankles. This has irrevocably robbed this and all their future moments together of all erotic potential. The womanizer suppresses a laugh. The idealist gives up on Communism.

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